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Since 2001, our core business strategy has been to network like minded people and companies to produce successful and long-lasting partnerships.  We discovered what the client's needs were, and identified their goals and objectives.  Then, we engaged a team of professionals who had specific expertise in the areas required.  We are proud of the work done through this company, and look forward to our emerging strategic partnership with a new team of professionals embarking on a new business plan.  We achieved results by getting "creative."  As we transition into our new partnership, inquiries may be sent directly to our team at

Our goal has been to help align event operators with companies interested in reaching the most highly sought after consumers.  We specialized in creating effective sales promotions that were mutually beneficial to the event operators and partners, while at the same time providing a mechanism to raise funds for charitable initiatives associated with each event.   Our unique experience in the sport goods industry provided us with intimate knowledge of retail promotions, sales and marketing  strategies and sponsorship, product placement and corporate giving opportunities.  Our hands on approach and expertise in multiple areas of the sports business industry allowed us to leverage succesful outcomes for our partners.   We took great pride in building strong working relationships for our partners, and created structured, organized programs that produced successful results.  We provided valuable mentoring for organizations and individuals by sharing our expertise in contract negotiation, sponsorship activation, sales promotion, and product development.  Simply put, we found "creative solutions for your sports marketing needs."   Thank you for your business.

"Huddle Up with Kids In Sports LA" (Photo credit: Robert Beck for The CWSA)
Beach volleyball, Japan Open, Nakanoshima Park
Photo credit: Hirokazu Wada for FIVB
Photo credit: Hirokazu Wada for FIVB